Vodka Triple Pure  11.3oz

Distillers Yeast

Yeast Nutrients


Activated Carbons




Alcobase Extreme  16.4oz

Distillers Yeast

Yeast Nutrients


Activated Carbons




Anti - foam Agent



Whisky Pure WP10  23g .8 oz
A professional Whisky Yeast with Amyloglucosidase (AG). Makes up to 12% alcohol by volume (ABV). Produces a very clean grain wash with minimal congeners. Makes 25 liters (6 USG) of alcohol. No equivalent.


Turbo Pure X-Press  72g2.5 oz
Makes up to 15% alcohol by volume for 6 USG  72g2.5 oz



Batch Turbo Pure  90g 3.04oz
Produces extremely small amounts of volatiles.  This product is especially good to ferment larger batches, which works without overheating the fermentation.


Rum Turbo Pure  62g 2.18oz
Rum Turbo Pure yeast has minerals, nutrients and vitamins.  Makes 25 liters (6 US gallons) of up to 12% alcohol.





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Distillers Activated Carbon
For use with The Carbon Snake.  Filters left particles.


Liquid Activated Carbon  140g 4.94oz
Put in with mash.  Use in conjunction with package of Super Yeast or Turbo Yeast.  Help improve final alcohol quality.


Turbo Pure X-Press  72g 2.5 oz
Makes up to 15% alcohol by volume for 6 USG  72g2.5 oz

Super Yeast X-Press  135g 4.8oz
High alcohol turbo that can produce 25 liters (6.5 US gallons) of 20% alcohol base in as little as 5 days.  The new X-Press is completely stackable, which means that you can ferment multiple packs at a time. As long as the sugar, water and temperature are kept constant.  It works by fermentation of a special distillers yeast and complex blend of nutrients and vitamins.

Alcohol In 48 Hours Alcotec   135 g
With the use of Alcotec 48 turbo yeast you can decide when you start fermentation whether you want to make moderate amount of alcohol and fast (14% in 2 days), or high levels of alcohol over a little longer period (20% in 5 days). It simply depends on the amount of sugar you add - 6kgs per 25 litres or 8kgs per 25 litres.

What sugar to use:

Either plain white sugar (at the amounts stated in the normal recipe), or for better solubility, use brewing sugar (Dextrose Monohydrate) but remember to dose another 10% to compensate for the water molecule.

Temperature tolerance

This turbo yeast is considerably more tolerant to high temperatures than the Alcotec 24, or any older recipe such as the Alcotec 6 or Alcotec 8. The optimum is still ambient (and liquid) temperature around 68 F - 25 C, but it is no disaster if the ambient temperature shoots a bit over 30 C.

​​Alcohol In 24 Hours Alcotec   205 g
24 hour turbo yeast will ferment a normal sugar/water wash up to 14% alcohol in 24 hours under normal circumstances. The fermentation looks like nothing you have ever seen before, it is more of an explosion, which is why we recommend not to use an airlock (in case something obstructs it).

Temperature range Is is critical that you keep the stated temperature range, best with ambient temperature around 68F - 25 C. It is actually the liquid temperature that counts, if you can control it, aim for 68 F - 25 C constant to get the best result.

Because of the internal heat generated during the explosive fermentation, it is important to avoid too high ambient room temperature. If you have 66-68 F - 18-22 C that will work fine, outside of this range you may get fermentation slowing down a little so you don't finish in 24 hours. The best liquid temperature is 68 F - 25C but it is of course very difficult to control this due to the variations in energy released during fermentation.