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Shiraz Viognier - Australia

This Northern Rhône-inspired blend takes the spicy, strong and tannic red grape Shiraz and softens its edge with the voluptuous white grape Viognier. These wines are a beautiful marriage of black cherry, smoky plum, black pepper from the Shiraz and hints of exotic jasmine flower, ripe apricot and juicy peach from the Viognier.

Riesling - Mosel Valley Germany

Riesling, with its pronounced acidity and ability to mask sweetness, is a grape that is happy in a cooler climate. Its notable flavours of lemon, fresh apple and limestone will encapsulate you with its tangy acidic kick and the soft, gentle sweetness on the finish to tie it all together.

Super Tuscan - Italy

Super Tuscans are proof that winemakers are also rebels in their own right. In the appellation of Chianti, where rules limited winemakers to certain grape varietals and practices in order to warrant official status, in the 1970s a few winemakers decided to break the rules and make wines that they decided were of superior quality, and disregarded the limitations. Coined “Super Tuscan”, this full-bodied wine consists of Cabernet Sauvignon and the native Sangiovese, and has firm tannins, notes of cherry and currant and a long finish.

Trio Blanca - California

The three grapes that make up this blend are distinct characters indeed. Chardonnay is the popular and adaptable friend with apple and melon characteristics. Chenin Blanc reflects the soil well in its chalk and citrus aromatics, while its acidity anchors its structure down on the palate. 
Finally, lady Muscat with her wildly perfumed nose and distinctive “grapey” flavour gives the blend a refreshingly fun and juicy addition.

Triumph - Washington

This blend of Bordeaux’s finest; Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot is proof that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.
These three friends all work so well together, and each contributes their individual strength to the wine. Cabernet Sauvignon, or “King Cab”, brings the structure with his firm tannins and adds complexity with his aromas of cassis and black currant. Cabernet Franc adds spice, with his peppery nose and red fruit undertones.  Merlot likes to round things out with his approachable plum and cherry characteristics and his softer, rounder body. Together, they really do create a harmonious blend.


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varietal character, structure and intensity of flavor.




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