LALVIN ----- D-47
Pinot Grigio - Chardonnay - Mead - Cider
Low foaming quicker fermenter that settles well, forming a compact lees at the end of fermentation. This strain tolerates temperatures from 50 - 86 degrees fahrenheit and enhances mouthfeel due to complex carbohydrates.
LALVIN ----- K1 - V1116
Reds - Merlot - Cabernets - Sauvignon Blanc - Chablis - Cider
Rapid starter with a constant complete fermentation between 59 - 86 degrees fahrenheit, capable of surviving difficult conditions. The natural fresh fruit aromas are retained longer than other standard yeast. Restarts stuck fermentation. 
LALVIN ----- EC - 1118
​Whites - Reds - Rosé - Champagne - Cider - Mead
One of the most widely used yeast in the world.

This strain is recommended for all types of wines, including sparkling, and late harvest wines and cider.  It may also be used to restart a stuck fermentation.

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